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Legal Services

We provide solutions to all legal requirements.

Legal Research and Drafting

Contract Management

Document Review

Documentation services such as agreements, lease, mortgage, Sale

Due Diligence

Accounting and Financial Services

We provide book-keeping services to our clients and our clientele includes real estate companies, retailers and consultants majorly.


We provide consultancy services in following areas:

Project finance

Loan processing

Financial planning

Wealth management



Personal Injury Claims

ILRA provides personal injury claims LPO services on “NO WIN NO FEE” basis.

ILRA provides free legal advice and services to our clients. Our No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyers are specialists in a road traffic accident i.e car accidents, motorcycle accidents, cycling accidents and accidents involving pedestrians.

Through our vast experience, we have developed strong links with leading medical professionals, charities and support workers.

We also give basic advice about the personal injury claims process to the victims.

You can contact us for more information on our 24/7 number 02070971517.

Unfortunately, it is a fact that lots of people are injured every day in various different types of avoidable accidents, at work, in the home, or just going about their daily activities. If you suffered an injury in an accident which was not your fault, you may be able to make a claim for the pain and suffering caused to you, together with any losses and expenses such as medical costs or loss of earnings.

With all personal injury compensation claims, you need to prove that your injury, illness or disease was caused as a result of the negligence of another party (for example your employer, another driver or a local council). Once you appoint an accident solicitor, they will help you to compile your evidence and present it to the third party insurers.

Accidents at work, for example include instances where an employee has received inadequate training for a job, there may have been a lack of safety equipment provided by the employer or there may have been faulty or dangerous machinery involved.

It is quite common for people to develop an illness or disease after coming into contact with harmful substances in their workplace. If your employer has exposed you to a potentially harmful substance, such as asbestos or latex and you have developed an illness or disease, you may be able to make a personal injury claim for compensation.

Legal Research and Drafting

Our Associates at ILRA are expert in responding to a wide range of legal research requests, ranging from quick reviews on cases and legislation to in-depth analysis of development and trends. We have dedicated and active research teams to meet client requirement on a customized level. We also offer some of the basic legal research services like drafting legal memorandums, client specific research tools and databases.


In a rapidly changing, cost-driven environment, corporate legal departments are under immense pressure to provide greater value to their customers and organizations. Our highly experienced consulting staff focuses on what client needs and provide them excellent services in order to transform and improve their practices and operations. We have experts who have the knowledge of what to add and what to remove, what to present and what not to. The Firm provides its clients with a tailor made approach to cater to their needs blended with hands on support to provide complete business solutions in legal and financial issues through highly qualified legal practitioners, tax, financial and business consultants offering a broad range of professional legal and business consultancy services.

Contract Management

ILRA’s contract management services provide its expertise in all the phases of a contract management cycle. Our team of attorneys who are experienced in commercial as well as in industrial sector possesses the essential skills to draft, review, analyze, evaluate and manage contracts, as well as supply maintenance in areas such as negotiations and administration.

Document Review

Are you sure enough that your document protects your interests. Is it what you think? We at ILRA have trained attorneys and paralegals to review your documents in the least possible time. Our services expand quality, minimize waste, and give an anticipated, up-front capped cost. We have all the assets important to attempt huge scale document reviews and perform a full scope of administrations that incorporate surveys for responsiveness, benefit, issue coding, and hot archives.

Due Diligence

At ILRA we make sure you get what you pay for. Our attorneys carry out an intensive investigation let it be a merger or an acquisition or a significant corporate transaction. We will help you dodge legitimate pitfalls by handling them right off the bat at the transaction table with the support of a lawful master. Also, we’ll help you draft exchange contracts and related records with the direction of a business-minded legal counselor. We’ll likewise be there all through the transactions, attempting to fit the post-bargain business conditions and the drafting of aggregate haggling agreements.



Bookkeeping and Billing

ILRA offers a broad range of bookkeeping services internationally that will match both your business needs and your budget. Our bookkeeping facility is well worth investing in. ILRA provides complete bookkeeping solutions for businesses. We make sure all your accounts are balanced. We can archive your documents, invoices, bills and your payroll.